Safa Makdah

Safa Makdah had to leave her city, Damascus and drop her school when she was in her sixth grade, so she came to Lebanon in 2014 and continued her education and got the Ninth grade certificate and now she is in her Tenth grade at Ghazzeh public school. Safa enrolled at the Action for Hope video school and learned filmmaking and the different cinematic specializations. Safa says: ” We studied camera parts, how to use it, how to make it, how to take pictures, the different frames, the different angles, the movement of the camera, the role of the director, different movie genres,in addition to how to come up with a movie idea, develop it, narrate it, and finally, edit it.” Safa participated in several movie productions at the video school and the video workshops before including “Friendship and Love”, “The Window”, “The Magical Comb”, and a reportage about the video school.

Safa considers the video school not only an informative tool but also an expressive tool in which she can express the pressures of everyday life through a movie. It is not easy for Safa to choose one favorite film genre, but “Two & Two” directed by Baback Anvari, and “Mothers” movie are among her favorite and her favorite director is the Syrian director, Rasha Sharbaji.