Rokaya Farah

“The video school is another universe that clarifies several issues happening around us… it helped us to know more about a study that exists in every aspect of life without us realizing it… I have learned so much from it and I look forward to becoming more successful and reach my goal.” Rokaya Farah describing her experience at the video school. Rokaya, a 22 year-old from Al-Qusayr, Homs had to leave her city and come to Lebanon in 2015 after she got her certificate in health science from the Baath university. Rokaya met Action for Hope through her friends and registered at the video school where she started to learn editing, directing, sound design, and filming. However, her favorite cinematic specializations are directing and editing. Rokaya prefers science fiction movies like The Island, Lucy, Bridge to Terabithia, and No Escape. However, she aspires to work in movies that combine several genres like fiction, experimental and documentaries. Rokaya’s favorite directors are Thomas Carter, Gary Mckendry, and Christopher Nolan.