Goals 2021 to 2023

The Situation

  • The cultural scene in many Arab countries is limited to a few privileged circles in big cities. Most populations have no access to cultural services and little awareness of their cultural rights. Most talented people who live in marginalized communities have no access to artistic training or production. This leads to impoverishing the cultural scene and reducing its creative potential.
  • Large parts of the Arab region are undergoing violent conflicts or are emerging from them. Government and civil society efforts are focused on providing very basic services and no attention is given to arts and culture and their role in social change
  • The division among civil society sectors and the subsequent funding strategies affects the impact of civil society organizations negatively, and marginalizes the cultural civil society.
  • Action for Hope is well established, particularly in Mashreq countries, as an organization that promotes cultural rights and provides models for practicing them. AFH’s 5 years of experience provide an excellent springboard for program growth, while continuing focus on impact.