Safaa Issa

At Action for Hope video school, Safa Issa learned #directing, editing, filming, sound control, and script writing; however, the most important value for her was strengthening her personality and overcoming her shyness, which, according to her, used to constantly hold her back. Her favorite director is the French filmmaker, Geoges Melies, and her favorite movie is “The Silence” movie as the performance of the actress and the story flow captured her when she watched it at Beirut International Festival. Safa likes watching drama, documentary, and action movies, but she prefers to work on narrative movies production and to specialize in sound control. In addition to her interest in filmmaking, Safa is passionate about theater and has a small experience at “The Witch” play with Sonbola organization. Safa had to leave Al-Hajar al-Aswad, in Damascus countryside to come to Lebanon in 2012 and she is now at her 9th grade at Al Marj public high school.