Amal Atieh

“At the video school, we overcome our pressure through the discussions and the lovely work we do. It is sufficient for me that the video school is preparing us to enter the labor market.” With these words, Amal Atieh expresses her experience at Action for Hope video school. Amal, who is currently a student in the ninth grade at Kherbet Rouha, Bekaa, had to come to Lebanon in 2012 with her family and in 2017 she registered at the video school where she studied direction as well as other cinematic specializations from which she prefers filming and directing. Amal aims at working in documentaries because they deliver the reality without any fabrications and among her favorite, the movie “The Chicken” and “Harry Potter” series. In addition to filmmaking, Amal is passionate about photography and has worked on several exercises and films at the video school.