Tasneem Dahous

I am Tasneem Dahous, I am 31 years old. I am originally from the outskirts of Damascus, Syria, but I now live in Lebanon, in the Bekaa region.

I joined Action for Hope’s Music Instruments-Making program in 2020. At first, it was a very new thing for me, especially since my previous work experience is quite far from this area. I hold a degree in accounting and finance from the Technical Institute at Damascus University, and today I am studying English as a second language at the Lebanese International University.

However, during the training I began to discover the incredible world of musical instruments. For me, Action for Hope’s program was not only a training to acquire the necessary technical skills, but it also helped me learn patience and precision at work and to regain my confidence and the belief that I was able to achieve my ambitions.

After the program’s graduation, our colleagues and I formed small teams to work on a number of musical instruments with the aim of practicing the craft and making instruments that could be sold, so that we could benefit from their financial return.

Today, my dream is to establish my own workshop to economically support myself and my family with this profession. I want to fulfill myself in a field that I wish to continue and develop, to support my daughter and make her proud of me.

Tasneem Dahous, 31 years
From: Damascus countryside – Syria
Current residence: Bekaa – Lebanon