Ghassan Hammoud

2015 was a very special year for me, because it’s when I found someone to support me with the thing I love the most, Music. In 2015, a friend called to tell me about Artistic themed workshops that will start the next day for 10 days, and that I can register on the same day. So, we went together, and we were divided to different workshops, I got the photography workshop, but as soon as we started, I spoke with the Director of Action for Hope, Basma El Husseiny, and asked her to move me to the Music workshop, where she said: of course!

A few days later, miss Basma came and told me that they see me as someone who’s very interested in Music and they will help me pursue it if I want to. This was the best day of my life, I found someone who will support me, that day she asked me what instrument I’d like to learn the most, Oud, I said, so they enrolled me in “Crescendo” and that was the beginning, I was the first Action for Hope student in Jordan.
In Action for Hope Music school I got to meet a lot of people and friends who share my interests, I also met a lot of people from artistic circles, including professional musicians and teachers who used to come train us. Here is also where I learned to play Oud and I got to know the various Maqamat which I was passionate about from the start.

The biggest challenge I had to face was the society’s view to the subject, sice Music is considered “Haram”, we live in a rural society, and for them, Music is Haram. In this particular subject, Mr. Mustafa Said had a great impact on me, after talking to him I was convinced that I don’t have to get people to like what I do, as long as I’m convinced, I can do wonders.

I also remember something Mr. Fawaz Baker told me, it roughly means that as an artist, I shouldn’t be hungry, but full, he explained further, a full artist is the one who takes his knowledge and passes it on to others, without return, I liked it and it stuck with me, since then, I started teaching Maqamat and giving online training lessons. Of course, in these lessons, the benefit was mutual, because I was also learning how to become a teacher, and how to properly deliver the information, what helped me most in this area is the fact that I started work as a teacher’s assistant in the Action for Hope Music School.

I took part in many concerts and on the biggest stages I Jordan, “Jarash” to name one, I also participated in “the Star of Jordan” competition, where I made it to the final stages. I also tried to be a part of another program outside of Jordan, but it didn’t work out, because I’m a Syrian resident in Jordan, and my status as a refugee doesn’t allow me to travel abroad and return.

Author: Ghassan Hammoud

Activity: Music

Story collected and compiled by: 

Date and place: April 11, 2020, Action for Hope School – Jordan