Leen Machaal

At Action for Hope, I learned how to deal with other nationalities, when at first, I only knew how to deal with the society where I live. I also learned Arabic Music and playing the Violin, before that I only knew how to play Western Music on the Piano. I started with Action for Hope Music School in March 2018, here is where my personality became much stronger, my ambition and my love for what I’m doing grew bigger, and I became more passionate.

At the same time, I had to face some challenges, the biggest was the fact that the Music School schedule was clashing with my time of studies and other things, but I was able to get around that, by making a schedule.

After graduation, I made a few accomplishments that are very important to me, I took part in a Music competition for Music schools, where I achieved second place in playing Violin and singing in all of the Kingdom. After that, I started teaching a friend of mine how to play violin, I’m also giving Music history lessons to a Dabke group, where we explain the songs to them in a way that helps them come up with their routines.

Action for Hope for me is the definition of success.

Author: Leen Machaal

Activity: Music

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Date and place: April 11, 2020, Action for Hope School – Jordan