Film School

Action for Hope Film School was launched in March 2017, building on the video training workshops that were organized by Action for Hope in Lebanon since 2013, within the cultural relief convoys and also as standalone activities. 

The school offers a regular 10-months educational program for the youth of refugee and marginalized communities in Lebanon that includes more than 350 class hours, concluded with a graduation film project. The program is taught by competent cinema trainers based in Lebanon as well as visiting trainers from other countries. 

The curriculum is based on mixing the processes of: direct technical practice, theoretical study, and criticism and evaluation. By creating a continuous spectrum of education and training, the student is encouraged to take the initiative and discover fields for their creativity, within an increasingly challenging educational framework.

Each year, the school accepts 15 – 20 students between 16 and 24 years. After completing their study, the alumni engage in a professional development stage, where financial support is presented to their debut film project, and Action for Hope supports the participation of their films in national, regional and international festivals and events.

Till now, 68 participants have graduated from the school.

Arabic Catalog:

English Catalog:

Documentary Films by the Film School graduates under the covid-19 Lockdown:

List of the films released on Youtube and made the students and the graduates:–aWTSE7PI&list=PLDF3duFLPTpkccY7yIPFk0QI6xZ52Hpzo

A series of exercises made by the Film School students under the supervision of the trainer Muriel Aboulrouss, during a workshop about expressive films:

A Film about 2 of the graduates, Sleiman Al-Tinawi and Ayham Attiah, after receiving a scholarship in audiovisuel from Université Saint-Joseph de Beyrouth – USJ:

Report filmed by Action For Hope Film School students in the refugee camp in Ghazzeh,West Bekaa, Lebanon.  The report shows the suffering of the camps residents after the heavy rains flooded the streets, houses and camps: