Filmmaking School

b . Action for Hope Film School

Action for Hope launched its film school in March 2017 for young adults from refugee and marginalised backgrounds at the Gazzeh cultural centre in Beqaa, Lebanon. The course is a 9-month regular study program that includes over 350 hours of teaching and culminates with a film project. The curriculum includes the following topics: cinematography/videography, moving images and animation, script-writing and directing, sound design, film and narrative structure, and editing and special effects. In addition, students attend film screenings and film festivals as part of their education. The teaching is delivered by qualified trainers in filmmaking from Lebanon as well as visiting teachers from other countries. In 2017 the students were between 14 and 25 years old, and in 2018, we raised the minimum age to 16 years.

Following completion of the course, graduates are supported to enrol into a one-year professional development phase which provides financial and technical support for their first semi-professional film projects. Action for Hope promotes student and graduate film projects in local, regional and international film festivals and events.

In January 2018, 19 young people graduated from the film school and produced nine graduation projects that are being promoted to international and regional festivals, and will be broadcast on our Youtube channel. The graduates are now enrolled in the professional development program. This will include two advanced workshops in documentary and feature filmmaking, and Action for Hope will provide financial and technical support for four of their film projects. A new cohort of 20 students was admitted to the school in March 2018.