Music Schools

Action for Hope runs two music schools – one in Beqaa, Lebanon and one in Amman, Jordan. These schools provide a specialized, methodical, and regular 18-month music study program that includes over 700 hours of teaching per student. The curriculum includes music theory, music history, solfege, life skills, and general culture appreciation classes. Students are given a choice of studying singing or playing one of the following instruments: Oud, Bozouq, Accordion, Clarinet, Saxophone, Cello, Violin, Ney, or percussion. The teaching is delivered by qualified music teachers based in Lebanon and Jordan, and visiting teachers from other countries. From 2016 to 2020, music school students and graduates in Lebanon and Jordan gave around 100 live and online concerts that were attended by over 20,000 people.

Graduates of the Action for Hope music school are supported to enroll in a one-year professional development phase where they are offered a more advanced level of individually tailored professional training. During this phase, they form small music ensembles that perform and tour semi-professionally. These ensembles include: Awj, Sharq, Jawab, Mada, Zhourat in Lebanon and Athar, Joury, Wessal in Jordan., each consisting of 5 to 7 musicians and singers.

Number of Music Schools graduates: 137

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