Odai Diab

The 14 year old Odai Diab had to leave his city, Qusayr in Homs, and come to Lebanon in 2013. He joined the video school in 2017 and learned filming, camera techniques and settings, recording sound over an image or a silence video, the different kinds of sound recorders, the 180 degree rule, writing, and stop motion techniques. “My friends are I worked on a reportage on the video school in addition to recording sounds on a Mr. Bean silent movie.” Odai is also very interested in theater as he participated in “Anjie & Yalanji,” “The Elephant, Your Majesty,” and a puppet show in theater workshops during which he met Action for Hope. Odai prefers to specialize in narrative movies and his favorite movies are the Indian movies along with “The Message” fim by the French director, Georges Melies.