Israa Makdah

Israa Makdah, born in 1999 in Damascus, Syria, had to enter Lebanon in 2014, got her ninth grade certificate and is now a student at Rafik Hariri Institute in Jab Al Janin, Beqaa. Israa took part in different workshops during one of Action for Hope convoy visits during which she worked on several movie productions including “Laugh From Your Heart,” “Chess,” and “Childhood Dreams.” Israa, along with her colleagues, learned the different cinematic specializations but she prefers filming and stop-motion techniques. Among her favorite movies, “The Chicken” film, “The Babies” documentary, and “Two & Two” film by her favorite director, Baback Anvari. Israa considers her experience at the  video school helped her express her feelings and emotions better and diversify her interests.

“I used to like only Bollywood movies before, but now, I watch all kinds of foreign movies, understand the idea behind each scene, and the messages the author is trying to convey.”