Music Schools

Action for Hope Music Schools started in Lebanon in 2015 as a specialized, methodical and regular, music study program that includes over 650 hours of music teaching for each student.  This program currently runs in two locations: Action for Hope Cultural Center in Barr Elias, Beqaa, Lebanon, and in Amman, Jordan.

Action for hope Music Schools aim to provide young men and women living in refugee and marginalized communities in Lebanon and Jordan with the creative skills and tools needed to communicate, and to express themselves freely and creatively, as well as to enable them to work professionally as musicians.  The schools also aim at preserving the traditional music heritage of refugee and marginalized communities through learning and practice, and enriching cultural life in Lebanon and Jordan with new artistic work made by young artists who come from these communities.

To achieve these general goals, Action for Hope Music Schools accept 55 new students each year in the basic music study level in Lebanon and Jordan and provide them with the knowledge and skills needed to play, read and understand music. The schools also provide 40 – 45 graduates each year with the skills they need to work professionally as musicians, including organizing them in small ensembles and presenting them in concert tours in Lebanon and Jordan.

Curriculum and Study Phases:


Action for Hope Music Schools follow an 18-months, 5-semester course.  The curriculum is designed so that the students select the instrument they want to study at the end of the first semester, and that in the last two semesters they start to perform in small ensembles.

The regular curriculum includes music theory, music history, solfege, music notation, life skills, and students are given a choice of studying a musical instrument from among: oud, bozouq, accordion, violin, cello, saxophone, ney, clarinet and percussion, or singing. The teaching is delivered by qualified and experienced musicians and music teachers based in Lebanon and Jordan, and some visiting teachers, under the supervision of the artistic supervisor, Fawaz Baker, who also develops the curriculum, selects the teachers and takes part in evaluating students.


Graduates of the Action for Hope music schools are supported to enroll in a one-year professional development phase where they are offered a more advanced level of individually tailored professional training. During this phase, they form small music ensembles that perform and tour semi-professionally.


Results in March 2019

  • 36 young people graduated from the music schools and presented more than 40 concerts in Lebanon and Jordan as music ensembles.
  • 4 graduates had the chance to work as assistant teachers in Action for Hope Music Schools
  • 2 graduates started giving private music lessons.
  • 1 group of graduates formed an independent ensemble and is performing as a professional music group