Music Schools

It started as a 5-months pilot in August 2015, then became one of our core programs since March 2016.  It is a specialized, methodical and regular, 16-months music study program that includes around 500 hours of teaching per year for each student.  The school runs in two locations in Lebanon: Beqaa and Shatila, and it started in Amman, Jordan since April 2017.  The curriculum includes music theory, music history, solfege, and students are given a choice of studying a musical instrument (Oud, Bozouq, Accordion, Clarinet,  Saxophone, Ney or percussion) or singing. In addition, the students attend English, Life Skills and General Culture Appreciation classes. The teaching is delivered by qualified music teachers based in Lebanon and Jordan, and some visiting teachers,  supervised by Fawaz Baker, who also develops the curriculum, selects the teachers and takes part in evaluating students. Students are enrolled in the school after an audition following an open call for applications. At the end of the first 10 months of study, students are evaluated and distinguished students join a 6-month master class.

An End of year concert and a graduation concert are organized every year for the students in Amman and Beirut. Visit our events calendar to learn more about the students concerts.