Blink Film Festival “2nd Edition”

Blink Film Festival “2nd Edition”

A Blue Cloud instead of A Red Carpet!

This unique festival of young cinematic talents in Global South countries will includes a variety of fiction and documentary films spread over the 3-day festival.

Blink! aims to recognize and shed light on talented young filmmakers who come from the Global South, and who are not necessarily academically qualified nor are working professionally in film industries, especially those who live in places where there are no movie houses or film production facilities, those who watch and make films on tablets, laptops and mobile phones.  Blink! also seeks to be a springboard for sharing good film stories with wide audiences everywhere, and a platform for expressing alternative voices that have something to say about the status of our world today.

Action for Hope received 123 film entries in the festival’s second round that went through several tiers of selection.  Finally, an international committee of 3 members selected the 16 films that are included in the festival.  All films include English subtitles.    The festival program with dates and times will be published one week before the festival.

Blink! Sections and Prizes:

16 documentary and fiction films will be screened online on 17 and 18 February at 4PM GMT on Action for Hope’s various social media channels.  You will have a 10-minute break between the films to think, drink, talk, or even playback the films!  The films come from Egypt, Palestine, Tunisia, Syria, Lebanon, Morocco, Jamaica, Nepal and The Philippines.

The awards are decided by an international jury of 3 members, and consist of a monetary prize of 2000 euros and the festival’s trophy: The Eye.  The Awards: Best Documentary over 15 minutes, Best Documentary under 15 minutes, and Best Fiction Film under 30 minutes, will be announced on Sunday 19 February 2023, the last day of the festival, at 4 PM GMT.

Audience Prize:

Social media audiences will have the opportunity of selecting their favorite film from among all 16 films by voting via a google form link that will be shared following the screening of the last film on Saturday 18 February. Audience is asked to vote by 10AM GMT on Sunday 19 February 2023.  The film that will get the highest number of votes will be awarded a monetary prize of 500 euro.

Can You Catch It Later?

Yes, all films will stay online on AFH’s social media channels until 17 March 2023.  After this date, we will remove all the films, to give the directors the opportunity to go to other festivals.


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