Listening to Iraq:

This project would seek to revive and bring to public attention the diversity of musical practice of Mosul, its surroundings, and of Iraq more generally, most of which originated or are present in the Ninawa governorate.

This part of Iraq is home to many religious, cultural and ethnic minorities such as Turkmans, Kurds, Chaldeans, Shabak, Catholic Christians and many more. Each of these minorities have their specific songs and music forms, and even musical instruments that are associated with them. These diverse musical practices are historically connected but are also different from one another. Highlighting and celebrating this richness would contribute to creating social cohesion, as well as to recreating the vitality of the arts scene in Mosul and in Iraq in general.

In view of a longer-term aim of establishing a music school in Iraq, the project consist of:

  1. Research and mapping of diverse musical practices. This phase would lead to identifying masters of at least 4 different musical practices who are able to perform and teach.
  2. A seminar to discuss teaching methodologies and performance styles among masters and professional musicians and music educators from Iraq and other countries in the region.
  3.    A training program for young musicians in these different musical practices. The teaching will be delivered by respected masters as well as by some of the professional musicians from Iraq and other countries in  the region.

Research and mapping of diverse musical practices.