Landscapes of Hope is an initiative, created and led by Action for Hope, to network civil society organizations across sectors to bring about effective social change in situations of distress.

It aims to:

1- Provide a platform for discussion, learning and development of ideas for joint action among civil society actors to bring about effective social change in situations of distress

2- Advocate for and promote a cross-sector approach in civil society work, especially in situations of distress

3- Highlight the role the arts can play in addressing social change issues

In 2016, and under the same name, Action for Hope organized a 3-day festival in Berlin. The event attracted a large audience of over 1000 people and resonated widely among Syrian and other Arab diaspora in Berlin and even in other European cities.

In October 2018, Landscapes of Hope was launched in Beirut, and its steering committee met for the first time. Landscapes of Hope Steering Committee consists of: Mr. Abdullah Alkafri, Mrs. Farida Shaheed, Mrs. Heba Morayef, Mrs. Samar Dudin and Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider.

In April 2019, Action for Hope announced the first cohort of Landscapes of Hope Community Members, 20 Civil Society organizations from different countries, working in different sectors such as human rights, arts and culture, development, urban planning and heritage, and gender equality. The Community Members are:

Arab Digital Expression Foundation – ADEF – Egypt

Association for the Freedom of Thought and Expression – AFTE – Egypt

Ambulante – Mexico

ARTAS Foundation – Switzerland


The Asfari Institute for Civil Society and Citizenship – Arab Region

ConArte (The International Consortium for Art and School) – Mexico

Dejusticia – Colombia

Doc Society – UK

Ettijahat- Independent Culture – Syria

Fanni Raghman Anni – Tunis

Ibdaa – Jordan

In Place of War – UK

Al-Jumhuriya – Syria

Kirkelig Kulturverksted (KKV) – Norway


Ruwwad Al-Tanmeya – Jordan

Sawa for Development and Aid – Lebanon


War Child Sweden

Counterpoints Arts – United Kingdom

“Requiem for Justice”

The Landscapes of Hope network of 25 civil society organisations will present “Requiem for Justice”, an international online event on 28, 29 and 30 August 2020. The Event will feature music, poetry, films and opinion statements by more than 40 artists and writers from 18 countries, in an effort to raise voices against injustice and oppression.

Requiem for Justice aims to highlight the impact of the virus outbreak, and the consequent lockdown, on the most vulnerable groups in different societies around the world: the homeless, refugees, immigrant workers, prisoners, women subjected to domestic violence, daily workers, and frontline health workers, to bring to global attention the long term economic and social challenges of the virus crisis, particularly those that the most marginalized segments of society will face over the coming years, and how they could be mitigated by introducing social protection measures and policies, to emphasize the important role of civil society organizations during this crisis, and stress the added value of cross-sector collaboration among these organizations, to celebrate some of the many examples of solidarity and courage that emerged around the world during the crisis. As we put our fingers on what is lacking in our societies, it is important to recognize the hope carried by courageous and generous actions.

Requiem for Justice will also seek to highlight the importance of artistic creativity in human life, especially at times of crisis, and how artistic expression is able to change “social distancing” into “social connectivity”.

Requiem for Justice will be streamed on Action for Hope’s Facebook and YouTube pages at 17:00 GMT on 28, 29 and 30 August.
Watch it Here:
Requiem for Justice – Lockdown Suites
Requiem for Justice – Re-Sonate Hope
Requiem for Justice – Speak Out Resistance
Requiem for Justice – Civil Works