Letting Go

Anas Al-Sheikh, a 14 year old student got introduced to Action for Hope after the Cultural Relief Convoy that came to his current hometown “Ghazzeh” located in West Bekaa. He was so eager to participate in the journalism workshop despite his young age, but his enthusiasm and readiness gave him a place among other slightly older participants. However his young age was a great motive to ace this 10 days’ workshop, given by “Mohammad Abou Al-Geit”, which he got rewarded for being distinguished for his work with a portable laptop to continue writing after the workshop is done. Journalism was just the idea of holding a microphone and taking interviews, where others speak their minds and he listens, but throughout the workshop he learned that journalism is more than that, it is a place to be where you can store all your thoughts, concerns and you get the chance to publish them in order for the world to hear you. Anas used to be a very shy and kind of an introverted child, after experiencing the passion of writing; he opened more to life, he stated: “I used to be suffocated by my thoughts; I didn’t have any skill to let them out”.

After the cultural relief convoy in July, Anas applied to Action for Hope’s music school but he failed in the audition, he was a bit frightened and shy and his voice did not come out.  Later in 2016, he joined AFH’s film making training and found it to be so interesting, especially the techniques given in order to come up with a visionary story. He stated “it is a magical world to discover”.

In March 2016, Anas applied again to AFH’s music school, and this time he passed the audition and joined the school.  After exploring his voice and capability, Anas now looks forward to sharing his voice and emotions on stage for the world to see and hear him.

The only negative change that Anas experienced is the jealousy of his best friend, who was training in journalism with him.  After being friends for quite a long time his best friend stopped talking to him after Anas joined the music school.

Author: Anas El-Sheikh, 14 years old from Riff Damascus

Activity: Music

Story collected and compiled by: Suha Nader

Date and place: May 30, 2016| Bekaa