A Clearer Future

Ayman Alssyed was born on September 1994, Damascus, Syria. His family is originally from Palestine and they lived in Yarmouk Camp in Damascus.  He moved to Lebanon after the war erupted in his hometown and settled with his family in Al Marej town, West Bakaa. Ayman knew about Action for Hope through their Cultural Relief Convoy in 2013 where he had the chance to discover theater .

At first he participated in three activities provided by Action for Hope, project development, creative writing and theater where they formed a theatrical troupe. To his surprise theatre influenced him the most and now he is part of the theatre group related to Action for Hope. By then he had no interest or knowledge about the art of theatre, thinking he would bully whoever might participate in such an activity. He never watched any live performances, only tv-series that he did not relate to.

By and by Ayman participated in several theatre acts, first play he worked on was “khaymentna (our tent), where the hardest performance was the first one because it was his first attempt to be on stage, in addition to proving himself in front of his family, friends and neighbors. The show was a great success and the whole troupe had the chance to tour with their show in seven different regions in Lebanon. One of Ayman’s biggest achievements so far is the play “Touti touti” directed by Rafaat Al-Zaghout, he worked on it after being involved earlier to that in three different theater projects. Ayman met the Syrian director Rafaat Al-Zaghout in Lebanon, who mentored him and treated him like a younger brother always guiding him on becoming a better actor and human being breaking all boundaries between amateurs and professional people. Thanks to this encounter Ayman gained acknowledgement in his talent and began to feel that he is part of the theatre community. The last performance he worked on was “Angie & Yalanji” speaking their stories through their words and how they are affected by their current situation while the world is busy with what the media represents.

Two months ago Action for hope decided to take the theatre troupe to see the show “Above Zero” directed by the Syrian artist “Oussama Halal” in order to widen their horizons and knowledge about theater. The play talks their situation through a contemporary style of act, that Ayman felt drown into it, he said that the show touched him on so many levels because the play embodiment the world they are living in that he felt so close to. At some point Ayman felt he wanted to join the actors on stage and rejoin power with them to deliver the same message for the world to hear.  

Today when Ayman introduces himself, he tells people he is an actor. Ayman also feels he has an eye for directing; when he works on a play, he often makes suggestions that the director takes into account. Thanks to Action for Hope’s projects, Ayman has a clearer idea of his future. He is striving to become a theater actor and director.

The most negative change Ayman has experienced is the fear of not making a living as an artist in the Arab world. He worries that the financial insecurity of life as an artist will negatively affect his social and family spheres. He has also experienced jealousy from his girlfriend when he acts alongside a female scene partner, and he worries that this will be a recurring problem in his relationships.

Author: Ayman AlSayed, 23 years old from Damascus

Activity: theatre

Story collected and compiled by: Suha Nader

Date and place: May 30, 2016| Bekaa