An Egyptian musician, Accordionist, singer, and actress. She graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Theater and Cinema Design in 2006. Yossra joined “Al Tamye” theatrical group in 2007, and she is a founder of “The Choir” project since 2010. She participated in a workshop for producing the silent theater show “They Said Here”, produced by the Cairo School of Acting and directed by “Jokhem Stafnauter and Jidou Klini”. In 2012, Youssra established her private music project and in 2014, she managed workshops on theatrical improvisation and songwriting in the Jesuits Association and School in Minya for five months. Youssra is also a radio host; broadcasting her show “Aadet Mazzika” on Nogoom FM radio station since January 2014. She took part in Baidar camps convoy in Lebanon.