A theater and film artist who studied at the College of Fine Arts and the Cinema Institute. One of the founders of “Fanni Roghman Anni” for street theater, one of the leading artistic groups in Tunisia. He works in both independent cinema and street theater. He produced many theater shows and directed a number of movies. He participated in many international and local festivals such as Carthage Film Festival 2012 and Arab Short Film Festival in Beirut. He produced several theatre and street performances with the FRA group such as (JHANNA, WC, They killed him, So we don’t forget, Free me) Besides, Hamdi produced a few documentaries between 2010 and 2014 such as ( 10 to the capital, Alboubia, expressional labor, underground) and an experimental film called Red/Black .He also produced and directed a TV show on the cultural and artistic scene in the Arab World that was aired on Maghreb 24 Tv in addition to a few music videos in Tunisia. Hamdi took part in AlMarj camp and Akkar convoys in Lebanon, Assiut convoy in Egypt and one convoy to Jordan.