Abdelsamee Abdallah

Egypt, 1 Convoy

An Egyptian  theater director and  cultural activist, who also works as a trainer in advocacy, youth leadership and creative activism in  ActionAid, MENA Office, Jordan.  Abdelsamee has experience in art and development and  has contributed effectively to  several projects with local, regional, and international organization . He studied theater, and has  led, wrote, and acted in  several plays. Abdelsamee founded In  2008, “Bahhara”  for Arts as an independent group for art and development. Under his leadership, the group implemented several projects that connect art and social development. In addition to that, He co-founded “Atabet Fann for Arts, Media and Training” in Palestine in 2013.  He is a member in many regional and international cultural networks such as Cultural Innovators Network (CIN) founded by the Goethe Institute. Abdelsamee took part in Akkar convoy.