Community-Based Cultural Interventions

According to UNHCR, Lebanon and Jordan host around 1,660,000 refugees. However, it is commonly believed that the real numbers are over two million. Over 1 million of these refugees are in Lebanon distributed in small informal refugee camps across the Bekaa valley, Akkar in North Lebanon and Shatila in Beirut, with a higher concentration in the Bekaa valley. In Jordan which hosts around 800,000 refugees, one third of the Syrian refugees live in large camps managed by the Jordanian authorities, and the other two thirds are scattered in poor urban dwellings across the country, but mostly in Amman. Action for Hope targets these refugee communities that are often socially closed and lack access to any type of cultural education or activities. This particular need; the need for moral and physical spaces for creative expression, criticism and reflection is usually overlooked by humanitarian and development organizations despite the demoralizing impact that such deprivation has on these communities.